Beloved spring how could I have not realize it is you who makes me feel revitalized? Seeing those tiny buds bloom into chartreuse leaflets sends waves of tranquility throughout the sweet smelling air. Your early foliage softly begins to fill in winters bare branches with a gentleness only you can achieve. Flowers rich in aromatic infused fragrance boldly pop giving off feelings of effervescent joy. Grass, thick like carpet and lush with a picturesque quality.
I wake to a day that comes alive with the serenade of birds and a sun excited to bestow its glory. Nothing makes me feel so alive or gives me such a boost as this time of year.
I gather strength and energy from the simple things in life, never taking them for granted: the hugs my daughters give, an exhilarating workout, accomplishing a goal, the warm sun as I lay in it’s path relaxing, having camaraderie where I work, or knowing I’m making a difference in the lives of the children I’m privileged to work with/for.
There are endless aspects of life that bring a profound sense of belonging to me, who I am and that will never be taken for granted. I would never see my experiences as insignificant or meaningless. Somehow I feel set free.

All the ways I’m emotional touched and rewarded every day mean the world to me. Life certainly hasn’t been easy, it has been enriched by the experiences I’ve had, the knowledge I earned, seeing each day with new eyes. Even the things in life that have given me the most pain, some of those things I wish I never experienced, but they all have helped shape who I am now.

I indeed like who I have become. I’ve undergone a plethora of positive growth stemming from both the good and the bad, earned a steadfastness that only comes from experience and such a resilience.

As the days pass, I’m moved closer to the end of a chapter, the close to my marriage – I see hope. I do have some trepidation at to what my future will be, however I also have vision for what I am looking to, the possibilities.

Saying goodbye to the old.


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