Day by day

Day by day I move forward
never in a straight line

Letting go
Of once was
Has Proven to be euphoric
And a bit on the sublime

Day by day
It has to be
So many change
And the unraveling

Yes self doubt plays a part
But I persevere on
Drugging the culpable waters
The ex spouse left behind

Meticulously building a new foundation
This time on solid ground
Input from inner voice
I’ll listen to hands down

No one changes for you
You should change for no one
Lessons are meant to be learned
I take responsibility for my part

Moving forward is the key
Growing, finding what makes you happy
I strive for inner peace
A place of tranquility

Trusting I know know my own truth
Not the warped sense of realty
Causally you tried to pass off

Alone I am but not lonely
I have goals and dreams
I must meet
Learning to be single in a world
That makes it a we

One foot in front of the other
Is all I can do to gain ground
In time I’ll be healed
For now it’s as it comes

Day by day


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