Garden of What Matters

It’s a cold start to May; windy, overcast, dreary. You could say misery loves company,but then how do you explain the fact that in spite of all this morose weather flowers are growing, trees are blooming and life is taking a positive hold.
I look to nature, which has always been a source of strength for me, and decide I too will be positive in spite of it all. I will flourish.
As I plan how I want my garden to look, the elements I want, the emotion I want to awaken and convey, sadness comes over me.
Nature as imperfect as it is, really is amazing, strong, beautiful and a force of happiness in life. Yet in our daily lives so many of us sidestep altruism and have become a society of materialistic seekers. The very things that should be important to us as people, and are to me, so many don’t care about; or seem to show they care about. The insatiable need for material items has deep roots in unhappiness in general and an unhealthy way of living. More doesn’t improve one’s life.
Materialism is a way of sidestepping meaning, losing part of yourself and ultimately not being true to oneself. Feelings matter and should be revered, no purchase can change that.
What I would give to have my beautiful garden back. In so many ways it was a beacon of hope,tranquility,love, peace. I tended to it often, would find hope in its mere existence. My children saw it as an extension of who they where and who I was and am. The endless joy it gave to all of us.
The sadness of knowing my garden is forever gone propels me to want to bring hope back to my children and yes even myself. My new garden will not be as grand as the one I left. That will be saved for a place I will one day call home.
As I plan this new outdoor room, I will place parts of who I am in the very ground that will put forth the beauty I want to feel for my life, the joy and simplicity for how beautiful life is to me.
The love I have for people, my children nature and myself will once again flourish. The happiness I feel for the simplistic; a smile, a compliment, knowing I have helped better someone’s life while bettering my own will return. Being able to ride a bike, capturing the emotions in memories that live in all of us if we let them. I give with candor and a fierceness, and yes a profound joy for my life, it mean everything to me.
In spite of everything I have and am living through, I have flourished. I’ve become my own beacon of hope and strength. I just have to remember that in a world that values the wrong things there are still people who value what’s right.
Family, friends, honesty, love and peace of mind.
The soil is warming, I can’t wait for you to see what grows.


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