The Art of Happy

I’ve diligently been working on self reflection, insight and growth.  I’ve found it has been an amazing coping mechanism for dealing with my divorce and the changes that come about from sucha life altering event.  I’m happier than I can remember, even with the road blocks that have come up. 

 Change isn’t easy for anyone and I am no different. It requires one to push out of a comfort zone they have built and ultimately take responsibility for who they are by facing life. 

 I can blame anyone I like but it won’t change where I am and truth be told it won’t help me.  As much as I am angry for the things my ex put me though, I have become a more rounded person having had the experiences I did. I know what I want, who I am, and have more confidence having had to learn the hard way.  In fact I couldn’t have left my ex if I hadn’t become who I am.   

Life is not easy.  Some days I can’t believe how unfair it all seems and how I could have been so blind in thinking what I wanted for us is what my ex also wanted.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.  I guess that is why marriage, honesty and truth can be so hard to come by.  

We have to give so much of who we are and yet in the end it doesn’t help us connect to others unless those we give to believe how we do.  Honesty and loyalty should be the cornerstone of who we are and the building blocks of any good relationship.  Yet to often these values are up for compromise and interpretion.  

Happiness is misunderstood and often seen as an outside source, nothing could be further from the truth.  Happiness comes from who you are, the things in life that give you meaning, purpose and joy and it come from within.  You cannot buy happiness, and really why would you want to? 

For me happiness is the garden I grow, the poetry I write, the job I love,  my children and the love they give me, memories we share.  It is counting on people I love who make me smile, the dog I have licking my face and the joy I get from feeling wind on my face.  

Learning to appreciate the simplicity life has to offer by disconnecting from our over exposure to superficial disingenuous inidation and seeing life for the true value and beauty it offers, just maybe the art of happiness will reemerge.  

It has for me.  



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