It’s All New

I have decided the best thing I can do for myself is to be the best version of myself I can grow into being. To be as organic and true to who I am and all my endeavors, while pushing the boundaries of self awareness and growth.  Some days will be easier than others, after all it is quite a change from being a married mother of three to now having an identity as a woman, who is single and finding out who she really is.

The boundaries I built for myself I’ve removed, as boundaries can confine who we are as much as what we are not and can stymie us from our growth potential .  By the same token, I don’t need someone to define me, I’ll do that on my own as I continue to grow and learn about myself.

This last year has been, a huge change to my life, as well as the best opportunity for growth potential I can ever remember having.  In celebration of the changes I’m experiencing, (good and bad),  I  decided to make a bucket list for myself. This year my growth, learning and gaining aspects of life that bring joy or happiness to my being is the first step in accepting my path, after all I have the ultimate control.

With the help of people in my life, I plan to let go of my past, forgive, and move on.  Life, as precious as it is, needs to be enjoyed and cherished and above all lived.  I intend on living, loving, giving, being kind and finding who I really am.  April marks a year since I filed for divorce.  Something I wanted after now 22 years of marriage, but regardless it is still hard.  Somehow we lose our identity as an individual, forget what we wanted out of life until something awakens us.  I am awakened.


no more looking back

to see what I once was

tears of sadness leave

pain; all but replaced

future’s ahead of me

their is no disgrace.

I learn to lean on me

to see me straight through

as I make my mark

become the light of hope

in my world

as it changes and I grow

unstoppable I’ll become

for I’ve found it to be

happiness comes from me








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